General Questions

In which industries does ManuFactor operate?

We make goods and provide services within the most popular industrial niches. Here is the list of our expertise.


  • Logging
  • Energy and renewables
  • Heavy machinery
  • Chemicals
  • Textile manufacturing
Where is ManuFactor headquartered?
What are ManuFactor`s total annual revenues?
How long has ManuFactor been in business?

Most Popular Questions

I have a question about a particular product. Whom do I contact?

For questions about a specific product, you will need to contact the business that manufactures that product. For specific business locations, addresses and telephone numbers, please go to Contact Us page.

Where are your businesses located?
Where is ManuFactor ranked on the Fortune 500 list of largest U.S. companies?
How is ManuFactor organized and operated?

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